American Plan Schedule

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The following is a list of the dates that we will be flying our charter from Winnipeg, Manitoba to Lynn Lake Manitoba during the summer of 2018. The charters will begin on Thursday, May 31st through Monday August 27th.

All flights depart Winnipeg at 06:15 AM and arrive back in Winnipeg in time to catch connecting flights back to the USA. It is important to remember that Delta & United Airlines have waved the need to have a Saturday night over in your trip and, in most cases, you will get back home the same day you leave the lodge.

All trips will require arrival in Winnipeg the evening before your scheduled departure for Lynn Lake.

2018 Laurie River Lodge Trip Schedule

  • Trip #1 Thur. May 31st - Mon. June 4th
  • Trip #2 Mon. June 4th - Fri. June 8th
  • Trip #3 Fri. June 8th - Tue. June 12th
  • Trip #4 Tue. June 12th - Sat. June 16th
  • Trip #5 Sat. June 16th - Wed. June 20th
  • Trip #6 Wed. June 20th - Sun. June 24th
  • Trip #7 Sun. June 24th - Thur. June 28th
  • Trip #8 Thur. June 28th - Mon. July 2nd
  • Trip #9 Mon. July 2nd - Fri. July 6th
  • Trip #10 Fri. July 6th - Tue. July 10th
  • Trip #11 Tue. July 10th - Mon. July 16th - 6-day trip
  • Trip #12 Mon. July 16th - Fri. July 20th
  • Trip #13 Fri. July 20th - Tue. July 24th
  • Trip #14 Tue. July 24th - Mon. July 30th - 6-day trip
  • Trip #15 Mon. July 30th - Fri. Aug. 3rd
  • Trip #16 Fri. Aug 3rd - Tue. Aug 7th
  • Trip #17 Tue. Aug. 7th - Sat. Aug 11th
  • Trip #18 Sat. Aug. 11th - Wed. Aug.15th
  • Trip #19 Wed. Aug. 15th - Tue. Aug. 21st - 6-day trip
  • Trip #20 Tue. Aug. 21st - Mon. Aug. 27th - 6-day trip

Fishermen flying private aircraft can fly directly to Lynn Lake.