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In Keeping with traditional outpost theme, guides are not required at Kamuchiawie Outpost camp. Many outpost fishemen prefer to conquor the lake on their own and gain a special sence of accomplishment from learning what works best on a specific body of water.

However, like most lakes in northern Manitoba, Kamuchawie has hundreds of small backwater bays and several minor tributaries that can be easily overlooked, even by experienced anglers. The benifits and added safety of having an experienced fisherman / guide, who has spent years learning the secrets of a particular body of water, sitting in the boat next to you cannot be overlooked.

I strongly reccommend that fishermen, especially first timers, considering a trip to kamuchawie Lake also consider hiring a guide from our professional staff to show them around and furnish a few tips on catching the trophies. Guides are available from Laurie River Lodge for $250.00 / guide / day. We furnish furnish their food, accommodations and transportation to Kamuchaiwe Outpost.